Valentina Igoshina.


Valentina Igoshina performs.

This morning I listened to pianist Valentina Igoshina, as she played the music of Chopin. Then I clicked around on the Internet and found videos of music by other composers that she played, as well.

I liked her playing, and I suspect that you’ll like it, too.

It’s exciting to see so many excellent pianists emerge into the concert stage. Not many folks realize the years of sacrifice, investment, practice, travel, and loneliness that a musician endures when s/he walks out on the stage to perform for us.

Here is Valentina Igoshina playing the wonderful music of Frederic Chopin:


And next, here she performs Sergei Rachmaninov’s Prelude opus 23 nº 5:



Finally, here is Valentina Igoshina in the Spanish Rhapsody by Liszt:



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