Alina Ibragimova.



  • Violin Sonatas and Five Melodies.

This CD presents the wonderful collaboration of Alina Ibragimova, violin, and Steven Osborne, piano. They seem to be amazing musicians of uncompromising intelligence, terrific technical ability, and intense feeling.

On this recording we get to enjoy the following works:


  • Violin Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 80
  • Five Melodies for Violin and Piano, Op. 35b
  • Violin Sonata No. 2 in D major, Op. 94a

Performed by Alina Ibragimova (violin), Steven Osborne (piano)

In his works for the violin, Prokofiev produced some of his most personal and expressive music. Both of his Violin Sonatas were written for the late violinist, David Oistrakh.

I begin with my Spotify playlist called “Alina’s Playlist”. Enjoy it!

The first sonata was begun against the backdrop of Stalin’s times in 1938, and one senses that the composer drew his inspiration from the uncharacteristically dark feelings of fear, despair and bereavement, which were the lot of Prokofiev and his contemporaries.

The Violin Sonata No 2 in D major is of a very different character—generally sunny and carefree, though still with occasional shadows from the dark world of the First Sonata. In its original form it was a Flute Sonata, Op 94, which Prokofiev had completed in 1943. At David Oistrakh’s suggestion and with his assistance, Prokofiev transcribed this Sonata to create the Second Violin Sonata, Op 94bis.

The Times wrote on the 27th of June, 2014:

“ … Ibragimova’s album finds a lively outlet in repertoire stamped with the skittish, the sardonic, the bittersweet and other Prokofiev hallmarks.”

Now here is a video of Ms. Ibragimova, performing the Bach Partita No.2 for Solo Violin:



And next, Alina Ibragimova performs J.S. Bach’s ‘Gigue’ from the Partita No.3 in E major BWV 1006:


I will close this post with Ms. Ibragimova’s playing of the Mendelssohn violin concerto in E-Minor:



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