Angela Hewitt’s Mozart.



  • Piano Concertos Nos. 22 and 24.


Performed by Angela Hewitt (piano), with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Hannu Lintu conducting.

This CD presents Angela Hewitt’s third volume of Mozart piano concertos. Writing in The Observer, Stephen Pritchard wrote of the first volume that ‘Judging from this first example, it’s going to be a journey as revelatory as her exploration of all the major keyboard works of Bach’.

Mozart composed both of these works between December 1785 and March 1786. For the first time in a piano concerto orchestration in the number 22 he uses clarinets—an instrument that became a regular member of orchestras only in the 1780’s.

The Number 24 is a dark and passionate work, and the final movement, a set of variations, is as sublime as so many of Mozart’s other amazing compositions.

Here is Ms. Hewitt telling us more about recording the Mozart concertos:



And next, here is a video with her amazing interpretation of Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata:



Finally, let me end with Angela Hewitt playing Bach. Here is the Italian Concerto in F major, BWV 971 (3rd Movement):



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