Debussy’s music.


Claude Debussy:

  • Orchestral Works.

Debussy’s “Afternoon of a Faun“ together with the orchestral “Images” are among the composer’s best – known and most popular compositions. Both works show different sides of the composer: “Afternoon of a Faun” is a textbook example of musical impressionism, while about the “Images”, the composer himself said that his goal was to “try to achieve something different – an effect of reality”.

We get to hear both of these works, and also Debussy’s two Rhapsodies on a really fine CD.


  • Rhapsody for clarinet & piano (or orchestra), L. 116 ‘Première rapsodie’, performed by Dirk Altmann (clarinet)
  • Images for orchestra: III. Rondes de Printemps
  • Images for orchestra: I. Gigues
  • Images for orchestra: II. Ibéria
  • Rhapsody for alto saxophone & piano (or orchestra), L. 98, performed by Daniel Gauthier (saxophone)

All the above works are supported by the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Heinz Holliger conducting.

The major works contrast well with the two Rhapsodies: the one for clarinet, called the “first” Rhapsody, was sketched out within a few weeks at the end of 1909, while the “second” Rhapsody for saxophone was only completed and orchestrated after the death of its composer.

The Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (SWR) and conductor Heinz Holliger manage to bring out the dynamic colors and unique aspects found in all of these works with great sensitivity and precision.

Here is a documentary about Heinz Holliger, the leading oboist of our day. Holliger’s own compositions are done in a contemporary style, while as an oboist and conductor he is one of the most inspirational figures on the classical and Braoque musical scene.



And next, here is some music from this CD:



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