Goldberg for Guitar.



  • Played on guitar.

Performed by Marco Salcito (guitar)

The guitar is a very old instrument, in terms of its origin. It turns out that the master violin – maker Antonio Stradivari actually built some guitars. More on that later.

In interpreting this work, guitarist Marco Salcito tried to follow all the history left by Bach regarding the guitar, an instrument well-suited to this work.

It took Mr. Salcito three years to transcribe this masterpiece for performance on the guitar. And all musical decisions were made with respect of the development of each single voice and to of the use of embellishments.

Here is Ugo Nastrucci improvising on The Sabionari Stradivari Guitar:



And next, here is Krishnasol Jimenéz playing F.Corbetta – Ciaccona:



Finally, here is the J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations – Aria and Variation 1, as performed by Jozsef Eotvos, guitar:



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