Mahler’s Birthday.

I am a bit late to write about Mahler’s birthday this year; he was born on July 7th 1860, so I am 4 days late. Forgive me —

Mahler said while he was still alive: “My time will come”. And it certainly has.

I listened to Mahler’s Symphony #3 last night, and like all his works, Mahler’s music describes the “Whole World”.

On this CD, we get to hear:

Performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Riccardo Chailly.

I think that Mahler is reported to have said: “Any donkey can hear the relationship of the opening…” to earlier music by Johannes Brahms. Still, the first movement, which Mahler titled “Summer Marches In” is infused with so much color and life, and so much tender loving care is given to each instrumental solo.

The second and third movements are wonderful. And Petra Lang does an excellent job with the fourth and fifth movements. And I always love to hear the children’s chorus.

I visited the place close to Salzburg, Austria on the Attersee, where this music was composed. I can re-experience Nature whenever I hear this music: The mountains surrounding the lake, and the wonderful meadows with their flowers. Mahler tone-painted all of this.

Here is Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Mahler Symphony 3:



Compare this performance with Mariss Jansons conducting:


Finally, here’s the entire symphony, conducted by Bernard Haitink:


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