Rattle’s “El Sistema”.


Simon Rattle conducts at the “El Sistema

“El Sistema” is the internationally famous group from Venezuela, which performed at the Salzburg Festival in 2013 to show their musical and educational approaches.

The music we hear in this recording includes the following:


  • West Side Story: Mambo



  • Estancia – dance suite, Op. 8a


Strauss, J, I:

  • Radetsky March, Op. 228

And also music by John Rutter, Athos Palma, Mozart, Francisco Cespedes, and Adelis Freites.

Performed by the National Children’s Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela and the White Hands Choir of Venezuela, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, Maybeth Garcia & Luis Chinchill.

Sir Simon Rattle said about El Sistema:

“When I first conducted the Infantil Orchestra in Caracas, I could not believe that children as young as nine and never older than 14 could not only play all the notes, but also could make such wonderful music. It is exhilarating and life-enhancing. This is, quite simply, the future of music. Those of you lucky enough to hear the concerts will see why”.

Here is the National Children’s Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela Simon Rattle conducting:



And next, here is another example of a children’s orchestra that is truly amazing in their performance of Gustav Mahler’s music:


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