Schubert Lieder.



  • An album of Schubert Lieder.

This album is a great introduction to the deeply absorbing world of Schubert’s songs. It features a very personal collection of Schubert songs chosen by Christian Gerhaher, who has performed these songs for many years and has a profound connection to them.

The album includes a detailed booklet of the song’s text, with a separate paragraph detailing each one.

We get to hear the following selections:

Franz Schubert:

An der Mond in einer Herbstnacht, D614 (Schreiber)
Hoffnung, D295
Im Janner 1817 (Tiefes Leid) D876
Abschied D475 (Mayrhofer)
Herbst, D945
Über Wildemann D884 (Ernst Schulze)
Der Wanderer, D649 (Friedrich von Schlegel)
Der Wanderer an den Mond D870 (Seidl)
Der Zwerg, D771 (Collin)
Abendstern, D806
Im Walde D834
Nach einem Gewitter D561 (Mayrhofer)
Der Schiffer D694 (F von Schlegel)
An die Nachtigall, D196 (Holty)
Totengräberweiss D869 (Schlechta)
Frühlingsglaube, D686
Nachtviolen D752 (Mayrhofer)
Abendlied fur die Entfernte, D856 (Schlegel)
Wehmut, D772 (Collin)
Der Strom, D565 (poet unknown)
Der Hirt D490 (Mayrhofer)
Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren D360 (Mayrhofer)
Nachtgesang D314 (Kosegarten)
Der Sänger am Felsen, D482

Performed by Christian Gerhaher (baritone), and Gerold Huber (piano)

Schubert set to music the verse of over 100 poets, composing approximately 650 songs. He selected biblical texts and poetry from classical Greece, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the early Romantic era, the poets including Goethe, Schiller, Shakespeare, Heinrich Heine, as well as his Austrian contemporaries and friends.

About Christian Gerhaher:

Christian Gerhaher’s well-known lied interpretations with Gerold Huber have repeatedly been highly acclaimed. They have appeared on the stages of major international recital venues, for instance at the Wigmore Hall in London, at Carnegie Hall in New York, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Berlin Philharmonie, as well as the Konzerthaus and the Musikverein in Vienna.

Here are Christian Gerhaher, Baritone, and Gerold Huber, piano, with several Lieder by Schubert:



And next, here is Franz Schubert’s “Trockne Blumen” performed by Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber:



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