Christiane Karg.

  Soprano Christiane Karg:

  • “Secret Invitation”.

Christiane Karg and Richard Strauss both grew up amid Bavarian landscape; and Strauss now plays an ever greater part in Ms. Karg’s repertoire.


This CD of Strauss Lieder is a wonderful collection, especially in view of the forthcoming anniversary year, marking the composer’s 150th birthday.

Christiane Karg’s personal choice of these Lieder combines some familiar songs with those seldom-heard, and also lively songs with more reflective ones. One especially charming example is the song “”Alphorn”” written when Strauss was a mere twelve years old, requiring an obbligato horn, played on this recording by Felix Klieser. The horn frequently played a prominent part in Strauss’ music, likely because his father was a horn player.

The pianist is Malcolm Martineau, an exceptional artist in his own right, who navigates virtuoso hurdles with ease while giving the vocal part a steady foundation and outstanding support. One only needs to hear the opening bars of “Morgen” in order to capture that remarkable musical pulse. This is a real summit of musical achievement!

Here is Richard Strauss’ “Ständchen”, op. 17, Nr. 2 as performed by Christiane Karg, and pianist Malcolm Martineau:  


And next, here is a fascinating video in which Christiane Karg tells us about her CD “Heimliche Aufforderung”:  



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