Angela Gheorghiu.


Angela Gheorghiu sings Verdi.

Giuseppe Verdi was born on October 10, 1813. As such, last year was the 200th anniversary of his birth.

In order to succeed, a singer has to have a lot more than a great voice. She must be able to live the role she portrays, and to communicate the emotions, which the composer described musically.

To commemorate the Verdi year, what could be more appropriate than this collection of music sung by Angela Gheorghiu?

Whether in Verdi’s operas (La Traviata, Il Trovatore, Aida or Rigoletto), his Sacred Music (the Requiem), or in Verdi’s other melodies, Angela Gheorghiu’s voice and fiery temperament truly make this a memorable album.

We get to hear the following music by Giuseppe Verdi:

Requiem (highlights)
È strano! è strano!…Ah! fors è lui (from La traviata)
Sempre libera (from La Traviata)
Tacea la notte (from Il Trovatore)
D’amor sull’ali rosee (from Il Trovatore)
Miserere d’un’ alma gia vicina (from Il Trovatore)
Qui Radamès verrà!… O patria mia (from Aida)
Caro nome (from Rigoletto)
In solitaria stanza
Brindisi I

Performed by Angela Gheorghiu (soprano)

Here is Angela Gheorghiu singing Bellini’s ‘Vaga luna’ at a recital in Los Angeles, March 2013, with Jeff Cohen, piano:



And next, here she is in Verdi’s Requiem: ‘Libera me’:



Finally, here is Angela Gheorghiu in “Sola, perduta,abbandonata” by Puccini:



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