Bach by 4 pianists.


Four pianists perform Bach.

Let me begin with some examples that are not recorded on this DVD. Have a listen to my Spotify file with extracts from this music, as performed by Daniel Barenboim and by Glenn Gould:

The performances on this DVD are divided up as follows:

Book I, Preludes and Fugues 1-12 – Andrei Gavrilov;

Book I, 13-24 – Joanna McGregor;

Book II, 1-12 – Nikolai Demidenko;

Book II, 13-24 – Angela Hewitt.

I like Joanna McGregor’s and Angela Hewitt’s performances best, because they are satisfying from a style standpoint, and are so clear and distinct, and without a lot of the performer’s body movements.

Here is Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Well Tempered Clavier”, Book II, Prelude & Fugue No. 17 A♭ – major BWV 886; as performed by Angela Hewitt, piano:



And next, let’s listen to brief highlights of all four artists on this DVD:



Finally, let me end with Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Well Tempered Clavier”, Book I, Prelude & Fugue No. 13 F♯ major BWV 858, as played wonderfully by Joanna McGregor, piano:



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