Brentano’s Beethoven.



  • The Late String Quartets Op. 130 and the “Grosse Fuge”, Op. 133

On this CD, the Brentano Quartet delivers the third volume of their recordings featuring Beethoven’s Late Quartets, this disc featuring Opp. 130 and 133.

The last five string quartets occupied Beethoven at the end of his life. In all of these works, the composer struggles with the difficult questions of man’s life experiences as they relate to his overall feelings.

The selections on this CD are:


  • Grosse Fuge in B flat major, Op. 133

Performed by the Brentano String Quartet

In his “Grosse Fuge”, Op. 133, Beethoven seems to proclaim his faith in a world full of challenges, like a tenacious animal facing menace and chaos.

This recording is impressive in its clarity, its musical interaction between players, and the intensity of the overall outcome.

Here is the Brentano String Quartet Playing Beethoven’s Quartet Op. 130, the 1st movement:



And next, here they are again, playing the Beethoven quartet Op. 133, “Grosse Fuge”:



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