Flute, Harp, Viola.


Tre Voci.

In Italian, “Tre Voci” means three voices. In the case of this CD, there are at least two sets of three voices:

  • First, the three composers, Debussy, Gubaidulina, and Takemitsu.
  • The second set of three voices are the players listed below, who perform these works:


  • Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp


  • “Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten” (‘Garden of Joys and Sorrows’


  • “And then I knew ‘twas Wind”

Performed by Marina Piccinini (flute), Kim Kashkashian (viola), and Sivan Magen (harp

Violist Kim Kashkashian, who won a Grammy in 2013 with her Kurtág/Ligeti CD returns to this recording with music by Debussy, Takemitsu and Gubaidulina.

Kashkashian, Piccinini and Magen first played together at the 2010 Marlboro Music festival, and they agreed that the potential of this combination was too great to limit it to a single season. Since then they have been developing their repertoire.

Here are details of the individual pieces:

Toru Takemitsu:

  • “And Then I Knew ‘t Was Wind”

Claude Debussy: Sonata For Flute, Viola And Harp, L. 137

  • 1. Pastorale
  • 2. Interlude
  • 3. Finale

Sofia Gubaidulina: “Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten”

  • Garden of Joys and Sorrows

Here is the Debussy Sonata for flute, viola, and harp L. 137, with Flute- Kate Lemmon, Viola- Kevin Hsu, and Harp- Krysten Keches:



And next, here is Toru Takemitsu:’s “And then I knew ’twas wind” for flute, viola and harp:



Finally here is Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten”, as performed by the Danish Chamber Players:



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