Quartet Masterpieces.



  • Piano Quartet in G – minor K478;
  • Piano Quartet in E flat – Major K493.

These are two extraordinary works, which Mozart composed in 1785.

This music is an outstanding example of Mozart’s creativity in the field of chamber music. And these compositions gave the piano quartet form the initial publicity, which affected the compositions by Beethoven and Brahms many years later.

In both of these works Mozart created a piano part, which is quite technically demanding, yet the piano does not impact the cohesiveness with the other players.

All the subtle aspects of these two piano quartets are beautifully communicated by Christian Zacharias, piano, Frank-Peter Zimmermann, violin, Tabea Zimmermann, viola, and Tilmann Wick, cello.

Just last night I listened to Frank Zimmermann’s recording of the violin and piano sonatas of Bach. He’s a terrific musician. And Tabea Zimmermann is one of the finest Viola players performing today. This recording offers you the chance to hear them perform the two Mozart quartets in the manner they need to be played.

Here is the MOZART Quartet for Piano and Strings in E flat Major, as played by the Zimmermann Quartet:



And now let me show you a much younger group and how beautifully they play the Mozart Piano Quartet No.1 in G Minor, K478:

Performed by Nimrod David Pfeffer, piano, with Alexi Kenney, violin, Matthew Lipman, viola, and Sujin Lee, Cello.


Thee are the musicians that will entertain you in the years to come—

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