Violin maker.

Sam Zygmuntowicz, violin maker.

Instead of sharing information about performers or composers today, let me tell you about a violin maker:

Sam Zygmuntowicz is a graduate of the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City. He also received five years of additional training in the restoration workshop of Jacques Français and René A. Morel. Since 1985 he has been based in Brooklyn, New York, making replicas of classic instruments, such as Stradivari’s and Guarneri’s.

Recently Mr. Zygmuntowicz gave a fascinating talk about the craft of violin making:

I am including two photos of violin parts that are in the process of being constructed. While these parts were not made by Mr. Zygmuntowicz, these photos give you an idea of what instruments look like before they are assembled, and before the varnish is applied.

Woods used are typically long-aged Maple and Spruce.

Here is another talk by Mr. Zygmuntowicz about his approach to making violins:



Finally, here is Helena Baillie, viola, and Michael Bukhman, piano, as they play Brahms’ Sonata Op. 20/1: (Ms. Baillie plays a Zygmuntowicz viola, made in 2009).



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