Argerich/Barenboim reunion.


Musical reunion: Argerich/Barenboim.

Earlier this year, I wrote a brief note to Daniel Barenboim, inquiring whether the well-known conductor has given any recent concerts with his fellow country person, pianist Martha Argerich. I was delighted to get an answer from Maestro Barenboim’s assistant.

Now suddenly I came across this new CD, titled:

“Martha Argerich & Daniel Barenboim: Piano Duos”


  • Sonata for 2 pianos in D major, K448


  • Variations in A flat major on a original theme, D813


  • The Rite of Spring, Version For Two Pianos

Performed by Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim (piano duo)

Here is the detailed track listing:

1. Mozart: 1. Allegro con spirito [Sonata For 2 Pianos In D, K.448]
2. Mozart: 2. Andante [Sonata For 2 Pianos In D, K.448]
3. Mozart: 3. Allegro molto [Sonata For 2 Pianos In D, K.448]
4. Schubert: Variations On An Original Theme In A Flat, D.813
5. Stravinsky: Prèmiere Partie: L’adoration de la terre [Le Sacre du Printemps – Version For Two Pianos]
6. Stravinsky: Deuxième Partie: Le Sacrifice [Le Sacre du Printemps – Version For Two Pianos]

This recording presents some magical moments in the history of classical music: Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim – both originally from Buenos Aires – team up for a duo recital at Berlin’s “Philharmonie” concert hall.

And this reunion of the two classical performers took place after more than 15 years.

The Financial Times wrote on the 25th of October 2014:

“Who had the incendiary idea of bringing together two such combustible musicians? Their Mozart is absorbing, their Schubert richly imaginative. But it is their Stravinsky…that is really breathtaking, a fusion of two wildly individual artistic minds who take the music and themselves to their limits.”

Here are Mr. Barenboim, and Ms. Argerich; watch the video closely right at the start:



And next, here they are with Maestro Barenboim as conductor and Ms. Argerich as piano soloist:



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