Gustavo Dudamel.


Mahler’s 7th Symphony.

I learned at least one fact from this recording, and I am hoping to learn more:

The fact I learned is that Gustavo Dudamel won the Gustav Mahler conducting competition in 2003. The thing I am hoping for is that by listening to this CD I might achieve a breakthrough in my understanding of this composition. Totally comprehending this music has always eluded me.

On this CD, Gustavo Dudamel resumes his survey of all the Mahler symphonies with this recording of the rare, mysterious 7th Symphony in E-Minor.

Performed by the conducted by Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel.

The 7th is a “symphony of everything”, says Dudamel, “from chaos to glory, sarcasm to tenderness, from a funeral march to a seductive tango. It is a cosmic symphony of perfect construction and galactic emotional scope.”

It was his triumph at the 2003 Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition in Bamberg, Germany that catapulted Gustavo Dudamel to international attention, and the music of Mahler has remained central not only to his repertoire, but to his entire musical philosophy.

Over the last decade, Dudamel has grown along with his players from the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. The Venezuelan orchestra, together with its charismatic conductor, has conquered the great festivals and concert halls of the world, energizing audiences and traditional symphonic repertoire through their musical excellence, rhythm and passion.


Here is Music Director Gustavo Dudamel, explaining to us some more of the aspects of Gustav Mahler’s 7th symphony:


And here is Gustavo Dudamel, conducting the Mahler Symphony #7, with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.


Finally, here is Mr. Dudamel, rehearsing the Mahler 7th:



In the end, I learned that this is a “Cosmic Symphony”; a symphony “about everything”. Now I will listen to it again… and again… to learn new insights about this amazing music.

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