Debussy’s Images.

Claude Debussy:

  • Symphonic masterpieces.

Composer Claude Debussy was an impressionist painter, but he used sound, rather than paint and canvas.

On this CD, we are able to enjoy many aspects of the sea, as reflected in the titled translations, below. Also featured are Debussy’s Nocturnes, described with their titles.

Debussy was also a master at orchestration. Musical instruments in these compositions communicate the emotions in these scenes of Nature.

We hear the following:

La Mer – Trois esquisses symphoniques (The Sea: Three Symphonic Sketches)

  • 1. La Mer: De l’aube à midi sur la mer (Dawn at the Sea)
  • 2. La Mer: Jeux de vagues (Joy/games at the waves)
  • 3. La Mer: Dialogue du vent et de la mer (Dialogue of the wind and the Sea)


  • 4. Nocturnes: Nuages (Clouds)
  • 5. Nocturnes: Fetes (Festivals)
  • 6. Nocturnes: Sirènes (Sirens)


All conducted by Rafael Fruebeck de Burgos.

Here is Debussy’s “Fetes”, with the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Pierre Boulez:



And next, here is Debussy “La Mer”, with Claudio Abbado conducting:


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