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Violinist “Discovery”.

  • Clara Jumi Kang

With the power of the Internet, I sometimes get very excited as a result of my “discovery” of a performer whom I had not heard before; Such is the case today with violinist Clara Jumi Kang.

She was born in Mannheim, Germany to Korean parents; at age five, she began to take lessons from Valery Gradov at the Mannheim Musikhochschule in Germany. When she was seven, she moved to the United States and received a full scholarship to the Juilliard School, where she studied with Dorothy Delay.

I only located one CD of her playing. However, the following YouTube sample speaks for itself.

I see in her playing outstanding technical abilities and also a wonderful musical feeling. Furthermore there is amazing power to her playing that clearly can resonate in a large concert hall filled with listeners.

Here is 27 year – old Clara Jumi Kang in Nathan Milstein’s arrangement of Nicollo Paganini’s famous work titled ‘Paganiniana’:


See what I mean?

Oh, you want more?

Here are Yeol Eum Son, piano, and Clara Jumi Kang, violin, in Prokofiev’s violin sonata no.1, performing the 3rd and 4th movements:



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