Nathalie Stutzmann’s Schubert


Franz Schubert:

Although composer Franz Schubert died at 31, he left us a collection of more than 600 songs. In addition, we are also able to enjoy his masterpieces of chamber music, as well as piano sonatas, symphonies, and even a Ballet.

This collection brings together Nathalie Stutzmann’s recordings with pianist Inger Södergren of Schubert’s three major song cycles. They are listed below:


  • Die schöne Müllerin, D795
  • Winterreise D911
  • Schwanengesang, D957

Performed by Nathalie Stutzmann, contralto, and Inger Södergren, piano.

Each of these collections contains at least one or more songs that have become hugely famous over the years since the early 1800’s when they were composed.

Let me illustrate:

Here are Nathalie Stutzmann and Inger Sodergren in Schubert’s famous song, “Ständchen”. This is a Serenade of the singer to her/his lover, as she sings: “Silently my songs flow through the night towards you…”



And next, here’s another well-known song: Nathalie Stutzmann sings Schubert’s “Die Taubenpost” (The Dove mail)



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