Chailly’s Brahms.



  • Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68

Performed by the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig, Ricardo Chailly conducting.

I have several versions of these symphonies that I have treasured over the years. The old Bernstein versions are still on my ipod. And the interpretations by Carlos Kleiber of the Symphonies numbers 2 and 4 are still great favorites.

I am always interested in new versions, and I have great respect for Mr. Chailly, and his accomplishments with this orchestra.

This recording shows us the thoughtful large-scale structure of each symphony and also its finest details regarding the composer’s individual melodic ideas.

Johannes Brahms worked on his Symphony #1 for more than ten years, before agreeing to have it published in 1876. Several factors created an impact that caused all of this delay:

  • First there was Brahms’ self criticism, and his own need to be satisfied.
  • The second factor was the ever-present looming image of Beethoven, looking over Brahms’ shoulder.
  • Eventually, Brahms also asked his good friend, Clara Schumann, to explore the score prior to its publication.

Here is Riccardo Chailly, explaining the background and performing the Brahms’ Symphony 1:



And next, here is Riccardo Chailly, performing Brahms’ Symphony # 3:



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