That’s how it’s done!

If you have not heard of Alina Ibragimova, this post is for you.

Alina Ibragimova was born in Russia in 1985; as such, she’s 29 years old. Her childhood, both in Russia and in the UK, was saturated with music.

Her father, Rinat Ibragimov, is the principal double-bass player with the London Symphony Orchestra; he moved his family to Britain when he got the job.

Alina’s mother is a violinist and teaches at the Yehudi Menuhin School, alma mater of Nigel Kennedy and many others, where Alina herself studied.

Now you might ask what I like about her music: I find it to be direct, fresh, young, basically her own interpretation, not copying a previous famous interpreter. And the playing is highly competent, with a sensitive style, and solid intonation.

Enough words!

Listen now to Alina Ibragimova playing the amazing music of Johann Sebastian Bach:



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