Norrington’s Mozart.



  • Serenade No. 5 in D major, K204
  • Divertimento No. 10 in F major, K247

Performed by the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Sir Roger Norrington conducting.

Mozart is unique for me, because I am always ready and prepared for his music. It can be a symphony; or it can be a piano concerto, or one of the wonderful sonatas for violin and piano. Oh, you have an Opera in mind? If it’s Magic Flute, or Figaro, or Cosi fan tute, I’m ready!

On this recording we get two Mozart interpretations by Sir Roger Norrington, whose scholarly book on Johann Sebastian Bach I am currently reading.

Sir Roger seems like a highly educated and thoughtful person, whose conducting of many compositions I have enjoyed in the past. So I am delighted to hear his approach to Mozart’s serenades.

Here is an orchestral rehearsal with the Zurich Camber Orchestra of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat Major. It is a beautiful and sublime work, and the last concerto composed by Mozart before he died in 1791.

You’ll see how Sir Roger prepares the orchestra alone, before the pianist ever shows up:



And next, here is Sir Roger Norrington in Mozart’s violin concerto in D-Major, with the Camerata Salzburg with Christian Tetzlaff as violin solo:



As I said: Mozart’s music speaks for itself in its beauty, joy, and diversity.


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