Rachmaninov by Martha.


Sergei Rachmaninov:

  • Music For Two Pianos.

While I am not counting, I suspect that pianist Martha Argerich is one of six musicians who appear most frequently on this Blog.

And for good reason: I love the performances of Ms. Argerich because of their technical excellence, their musical clarity, her spare use of the pedal, and her beautiful phrasing.

On this CD, we hear the following music for two pianos and multiple performers:


  • Symphonic Dances, Op. 45, arr. for two pianos by Rachmaninov.

Performed by Martha Argerich (piano) with Nelson Goerner (piano)

Performed by Martha Argerich (piano) with Lilya Zilberstein (piano)

Performed by Martha Argerich (piano) with Gabriela Montero (piano)

  • Six Pieces, Op. 11, for piano four hands

Performed by Lilya Zilberstein, and Martha Argerich (piano four hands)

  • Pieces (2) in A major for piano 6 hands – Waltz & Romance, performed by Daniel Gerzenberg, Anton Gerzenberg, Lilya Zilberstein (piano six hands)
  • Russian Rhapsody for two pianos, Op. post.

Performed by Lilya Zilberstein, Alexander Mogilevsky (pianos)

Martha Argerich’s long career has taken her to many places around the world; yet she has often admitted to feeling ‘lonely’ on stage. This CD showcases the area in which she feels truly at home: her extensive and fruitful collaborations with other first-class musicians.

Among the many younger pianists that Ms. Argerich has taken under her wing at her academy in Lugano, Switzerland, are Lilya Zilberstein, as well as Nelson Goerner.

Here are Martha Argerich and her friend Lilya Zilberstein, pianists, in Rachmaninov’s Suite No. 1, Op. 5:



And next, here are pianists Martha Argerich and her friend, Nelson Freire, in Rachmaninov’s Second Suite for two pianos:


I am always delighted with this fabulous musician, who continues to entertain us!


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