Dvorak Quartets.



  • String Quartet No. 10 in E flat major, Op. 51 (B92)

Performed by the Zemlinsky Quartet.

Just as Robert Schumann had played a similar role in publicizing Brahms’ music a few years earlier, it was Johannes Brahms, who played a pivotal role in helping the young Antonin Dvorak’s music to become more well-known.

And this CD features two Dvorak compositions that precede the period when Dvorak, the composer of the famous ‘American’ Quartet, was in his prime. This music combines rhythmic invention and lovely melodic outpouring that contrasts with the absorbing sadness of the slow movements.

This is the final volume of the Zemlinsky’s authentically Czech, Dvorák string quartets.

These excellent Czech musicians offer performances that present a careful balance between the music’s folk and classical influences.

Let me illustrate with some examples:

First, here is the Zemlinsky Quartet playing the Dvorak´s String Quartet in F Major op. 96, the 4th movement:


And next, here is the Zemlinsky Quartet playing Dvorak’s Quartet Number 9:



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