Torroba’s Guitar.

Federico Moreno Torroba:

  • Guitar Concertos Vol. 1

This is the first of three volumes of Torroba’s complete works for guitar and orchestra.

The rarely heard ‘Concierto en Flamenco’ is the major composition of this fine new release of concertos and shorter solos for guitar by the ever – popular Federico Moreno Torroba. And soloist Pepe Romero combines his flamenco techniques with a classical concerto form in his performances.

The selections on this CD are:


  • Concierto en Flamenco
  • Dialogos
  • Suite Castellana

Performed by Pepe Romero (guitar) and Vicente Coves (guitar), with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, Manuel Coves conducting.

Federico Moreno Torroba was an outstanding figure in the history of modern Spanish music, and he is best known for his guitar works, as well as his traditional style embracing the folklore and character of Spain.

The playful ‘Diálogos entre guitarra y orquesta’ add the luminous sonorities of harp and celesta to its colorful orchestration. ‘Aires de la Mancha’ reminds one of this distinctive region in central Spain, while the ‘Suite Castellana’ includes Torroba’s very first composition for guitar, called ‘Danza’.

Here is Ana Vidovic, playing the Sonatina and ‘Suite Castellana’ by Federico Moreno Torroba:



And next, here is the artist on this CD: Pepe Romero performs the ‘Suite Castellana’ by Federico Moreno Torroba:



Wonderful, exciting, mysterious sounds!


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