Mahler’s 9th Symphony.



  • Symphony No. 9 in D major
  • Recorded live at Teatro La Scala in November 2014

Performed by the Filarmonica della Scala, Daniel Barenboim conducting.

Composer Gustav Mahler was superstitious; with the knowledge that Beethoven’s Symphony #9 was his last, Mahler was troubled about composing his 9th…

And sure enough, Mahler’s Ninth Symphony was his last completed symphony, even though he composed a portion of #10.

From my own experience, I sensed that conductor Daniel Barenboim is an excellent conductor of Mahler’s music, because Barenboim’s performances strive to carefully follow the large number of written instructions that Mahler wrote into the score, as directions for the conductor.

Here is the Mahler Symphony nº9, III: Rondo-Burleske, Allegro assai, with Barenboim conducting:



And here is how Leonard Bernstein did it:



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