Orchestra Mozart.


The Orchestra:

This film was created by following the life of a group of orchestral musicians during their tour around Europe.

The Mozart Orchestra was founded in Italy by Maestro Claudio Abbado. The Orchestra brings together the best classical music performers in the world by mixing young players and also well – established solo artists.

The documentary offers a unique glance on Maestro Abbado’s work and on the classical music performer’s job in today’s orchestras.

The film narrates the public and the private lives of a group of musicians: Maria Francesca Latella, Federica Vignoni, Lucas Navarro, Alois Posh, Reinhold Friedrich, Alessio Allegrini, and Johani Gonzales.

The documentary includes a long and previously unreleased interview with Maestro Abbado, as well as concerts and rehearsals shot in Bologna, Lucerne, Vienna, Madrid and Palermo.

Bonus: Interviews with the Musicians of the Mozart Orchestra.

Here is Claudio Abbado conducting Mozart’s youthful Mass K. 139, and Schubert‘s late Mass in E flat major, as performed by the Mozart Orchestra:



And next, here is the amazing third movement from Robert Schumann’s Symphony no.2 in C major op.61 (Adagio espressivo), as performed by the Orchestra Mozart:



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