Schumann Plays Verdi.


Mozart, Ives and Verdi:

  • String Quartets.

On this CD, the Schumann Quartet offers us three works from three different periods in music:

Charles Ives lived from 1874 to 1954; Mozart died in 1791; and Verdi lived in between the other two, from 1813 to 1901.

The compositions we hear are as follows:

Ives, C:

  • String Quartet No. 2



  • String Quartet in E minor

Performed by the Schumann Quartet

The performers are:

  • Eric Schumann, violin
  • Ken Schumann, violin
  • Mark Schumann, cello

While these compositions are not presented in chronological order, they allow the listener to experience the evolution of quartet music during a period of about 200 years.

Let me illustrate these changes.


First, here is the Mozart String Quartet No. 21 in D major, K. 575 ‘Prussian No. 1’:


And next, let’s listen to the Verdi Quartet in E-Minor:



Finally, here is the Charles Ives Quartet #2:



It is interesting how quartet music has evolved from being very tuneful 200 years ago, to what it is now…


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