Faust’s Schumann.


  • Violin Concerto and Piano Trio.

In the Fall of 1851, Robert Schumann composed his two violin sonatas and also the Piano Trio number 3, Op.110.

As always during his work, Schumann was oblivious to everything around him, neglected social obligations, and isolated himself even from his wife, Clara.

This trio was a total delight for Clara, and she said:

‘It is original, absolutely full of passion, especially the scherzo, which sweeps one away to the wildest depths’

We hear the following pieces on this CD:


Performed by Isabelle Faust (violin).

This is the first of three volumes featuring the complete concertos and piano trios of Schumann. The performers for this project, Isabelle Faust, Alexander Melnikov, and Jean-Guihen Queyras, play with excellent conviction and a choice of instruments that allows us to hear the delicate transparency of this music.

Here are Isabelle Faust and Alexander Melnikov playing the slow movement from Beethoven’s: Sonata no. 2 Op. 12:



And next, here is Isabelle Faust Playing Cesar Franck’s Sonata for Violin and Piano:



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