Sophie-Mayuko Vetter.



Sophie – Mayuko Vetter performs:

  • Brahms: Klavierwerke (Works for piano).

On this CD you will hear both previously unknown, first recordings of early works along with well-known late Brahms masterworks. Specifically, the compositions are:


  • Klavierstücke (4), Op. 119
  • Klavierstücke (6), Op. 118
  • Intermezzi (3), Op. 117
  • Canon in F minor, Anh. III/2
  • Gavottes
  • Albumblatt, WoO
  • Sarabande in A Minor, WoO 5 posth.

Performed by Sophie-Mayuko Vetter, piano.

The Opus 117, 118 and 119 from the last years of the composer’s life are famous for their musical balance and represent somewhat Zen-like description of the composer’s life experiences.

Quite different are the small pieces from the Brahms’ early years: The Albumblatt in A Minor, was only discovered in 2012, a brief canon from 1864 shows the young composer’s mastery early in his career, while the Sarabande and Gavotte of 1855 were to be included in a planned suite.

This CD provides a very interesting collection of works matched with an equally intriguing interpretation! Sophie-Mayuko Vetter is a remarkable and versatile young pianist.

The three Intermezzi are great favorites of mine, and I have them loaded on my iPod. I listen to them constantly.

Here is the second of the three Intermezzi, Op. 117, as played by Ms. Vetter:



And next, here she is again, performing the 4th of the Brahms Piano Pieces, Op. 119:




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