Brahms Choral Music.


Brahms Choral Works.

Before he became a symphonic and concerto composer, Johannes Brahms was a choral Director. He led groups of women singers, and he was recognized for his excellence.

Brahms was born in Hamburg. Germany in 1833, and he had only just turned twenty when in 1853 the composer Robert Schumann hailed him as the central figure in German Romanticism, recognizing in the young fellow that he would continue to explore and develop in the future.

On this CD, the Hamburg North German Radio Chorus present a set of Brahms’ choral music that also includes all the rarities of the composer s earlier period.

The recording includes the charming Opus 22 ‘Marienlieder’, as well as Brahms’ ‘Taffelied’ (Toasting Song), and a very fine rendition of the magnificent ‘Begraebnesgesang’ (Funeral Song) Op. 13 with its unusual wind-band accompaniment.

Here is Brahms’ “O Schoene Nacht”:

And next, here are “Five songs for mixed choir, op. 104” By Johannes Brahms:

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