Schumann’s “Second”.


Robert Schumann:

  • Symphony No. 2 and Overtures.

The Schumann “Second” is one of my great favorites, because I learned to perform it with the first orchestra I ever joined many years ago.

This recording is an intimate rendition of the Schumann Second, a work that Claudio Abbado is eager to reveal as a collection of beauty and brilliant ideas.

While many versions of the Second explore musical power and scale, Abbado goes the opposite way: The performance by the “Orchester Mozart” (Abbado’s all-star ensemble from Italy) is purposely understated, subtle, and chamber music-like.

The result is clean, clear, lighter, and impeccably phrased. There is a pleasant feeling that carries the music forward.

We get to hear the following:


Performed by the Orchestra Mozart, Claudio Abbado conducting.

BBC Music Magazine wrote:

“Right from the slow introduction’s mysterious opening bars, this is a compelling account of the C major Second Symphony, imbued with Abbado’s characteristic attention to detail, and the sharply pointed rhythms he obtains from his augmented Orchestra Mozart.”

Here is a short extract of some of the pieces from this recording:


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