Violinist Julia Fischer.


Julia Fischer, violinist.

On this CD, Julia Fischer confirms her position as a major virtuoso of the violin with her assured performance of Paganini’s challenging 24 Caprices.

“The Caprices represent twenty-four moods, little musical ideas, each one different, each one appealing.” (Julia Fischer)

Julia Fischer is one of classical music’s most technically accomplished, violinists. Yet she also has a career as a concert pianist. I have previously reviewed her DVD in which she performs the stunning Saint-Saëns 3rd Violin Concerto as well as Grieg’s Piano Concerto.

Gramophone Magazine wrote:

“Julia Fischer certainly has the technical equipment for this challenging music…Her technique, however, is not of the showy kind; the particular strength of these performances is the way each piece emerges as an example of romantic tone-painting rather than just a virtuoso showpiece.”

Let me demonstrate with the following:

And here is Julia Fischer playing Paganini’s 16th caprice:



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