When You Love Your Work…



  • Piano Sonatas Nos. 11, 17 and 18

This is pianist Menahem Pressler’s new CD, where we meet a Mozart performed in total serenity, as if freed from all earthly contingencies and tensions, gently singing with a wonderfully tender touch.

This is an interpretation deeply moving in its very simplicity, its sheer tranquil poetry, brimming with love and affection. Here is a miraculous recording by a humble servant of music at the peak of his capabilities.
We get to listen to the following:


Performed by Menahem Pressler.

Mr. Pressler, founding member and pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio, has established himself among the world’s most distinguished and honored musicians, with a career that spans almost six decades. Now, at 91 years old, he continues to captivate audiences throughout the world as a performer and teacher, performing solo and chamber music recitals to great critical acclaim while maintaining a dedicated and robust teaching career.

And Mr. Pressler says:

“It’s a genuine mission to fulfill the task of recording the complete Mozart sonatas. A mission that constantly has me asking questions of myself, and which sometimes has me feeling quite dizzy: Can I do it? Am I right to? And yet I feel a literal attraction for these sonatas. They’re an unending source of wonder to me. It’s a joy to record them, and even an inner necessity.”

Here is Menahem Pressler playing Mozart’s music from this new recording:


And Pressler tells us briefly that when you love music, you totally devote yourself to it. You give of yourself…


And next, here he is in Mozart’s Concerto for Piano n°23 – Adagio:


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