Violist Helen Callus.


“Fathers and Sons”:

  • Conversation between generations.

I really don’t want or need excitement… But I am really thrilled when I locate impressive viola players who are new to me. Today is such a day, because I “discovered” Helen Callus.

On this CD, she presents the following works, in an album called “Fathers and Sons”.

Abel, C F:

  • Sonata in E minor, WK150

Bach, J S:

  • Viola da Gamba Sonatas Nos. 1-3, BWV1027-1029

Krebs, J L:

  • Trio in C minor

Performed by Helen Callus (viola) and Luc Beauséjour (harpsichord).

Accompanied by harpsichordist Luc Beauséjour, the virtuoso violist shows us more of Johann Sebastian Bach’s legacy in the following ways:

Although few composers had the privilege of joining Bach’s inner circle, two composers, both members of families with which Bach was closely connected, “made the grade”. These two are Karl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787) and Johann Tobias Krebs (1690-1762).

The works gathered on this album, all adapted for the viola by Helen Callus, prove in so many ways the special relationship between Bach and each of them. They were the composer’s friends, students and associates. And Bach helped them with their musical career, thus fulfilling his role as their “spiritual” father.

Johann Sebastian Bach has most likely composed his three sonatas for Viola da Gamba for Karl Friedrich Abel. They are recorded here by Helen Callus, and we hear the captivating sounds of the artist’s viola.

From organist and composer Johann Tobias Krebs, whom Bach never ceased to praise, Helen Callus has selected the Trio in C minor for two claviers and bass, WV 473 for her listeners. Once again, the close relationship with the Master of Leipzig’s is evident.

Here is Helen Callus in the Bach Viola Sonata BWV1029:


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