Mozart Masterpieces

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

  • Piano Quartets K478 and K493

This is one great recording of the Mozart Piano Quartet in G minor K478 and the Piano Quartet in E-flat major K493.

These are two extraordinary works which demonstrate Mozart’s creativity in the field of chamber music and gave the piano quartet genre the crucial initial impetus which affected the romantic compositions by Beethoven and Brahms.

In both works Mozart created a piano part, which is technically demanding without breaching the limits of unity with the other group members. All facets of these two piano quartets, which are unique but nevertheless characteristic of Mozart’s personal style, are compellingly communicated in the interpretation by Christian Zacharias, piano, Frank-Peter Zimmermann, violin, Tabea Zimmermann, viola, and Tilmann Wick. Cello.

Here they are in Mozart’s beautiful piano quartet K. 493: