Paganini’s Violin.


Nicolo Paganini.

Many musicologists consider Paganini to be the greatest violinist the world has ever known. He essentially created techniques for the violin that were unheard of before him, and to this day, his compositions define the technical limitations of the violin.

What one finds on these three CD’s are perhaps some of the most wonderful, and dramatically challenging pieces ever written for the violin.

Composer Franz Schubert admired Paganini’s compositional abilities so much that he once said that Paganini’s compositions made the violin sing like an angel.

The pure joy and brilliance of these pieces will astonish you. Salvatore Accardo‘s playing is flawless and simply amazing.

Here is Nicolo Paganini ‘s Violin Concerto No. 5 as played by Salvatore Accardo :


And here is Hilary Hahn playing the Paganini Caprice 24 for solo violin:



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