Schubert by Solti.


Memories of Schubert.

It was November, 2009 when I first talked with you about one of my favorite symphonies, the Symphony #5 by Franz Schubert.

All too often, however, I hear this music performed, and the players just perform the notes. There is little phrasing, hardly any love of the music, just the antiseptic sound. Why is that? Has Schubert’s music become a worn-out War Horse? I hope not!

There is only ONE performance that I find as an exception: It is by Georg Solti, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, see image at the left column.

Try to locate this album. And listen to the slow movement. Surely you can hear the wonderful dialog between strings and winds that Schubert left us. For me this is the music of angels, that brings healing and smiles to those who actually listen attentively.

I will try to locate a YouTube sample for you, but I was unsuccessful when I last tried. If I fail, I’ll explore an alternate performance that may not be the equal of the Solti.

Here is the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jason Lim in the second movement. Pretty nice:



And next, here is Schubert: Symphony No.5 In B Flat, D.485 – 2. Andante con moto” played by Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Claudio Abbado conducting:



Yea, all the notes are there, but I find it cold.

Here is another performance, with orchestra and conductor not identified. I like their attention to dynamics:


Sorry, I did not find the Solti performance that I love on YouTube.


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