Dvorak’s Concertos

  Antonin Dvorak:

  • Complete Concertos.

Composer Antonin Dvorak is best known for his symphonies and his chamber music. Yet he also wrote three concertos: One for piano, one for violin, and his best-known Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 104. This wonderful two-CD set shows us the progress of Dvorák’s relationship with the concerto form over the course of his career, from the beautifully peaceful Piano Concerto of his early days to the masterwork that is the Cello Concerto, widely considered the greatest of all concertos for the instrument. Alongside Dvorák’s most famous examples of the concerto form, we are also treated to less-known soloist-and-orchestra works, including the charming Romance in F minor and the dazzling Mazurek in E minor. We get to listen to the following selections: Dvorak:

With the support of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Walter Susskind conducting. While the Cello Concerto is the most popular in this form, the Piano Concerto and Violin Concerto are strong and virtuoso works, with hints of the rich folklore of Dvořák’s home country Bohemia. Here is the Dvorak Piano Concerto with Rudolf Firkusny as soloist:   https://youtu.be/UWqYV0jrYJM   And let’s now listen to the Dvorak violin concerto with Josef Suk, Violin:   https://youtu.be/xo3o4oxaUV0?list=PLAJJ7sTJ95NUV-JofSgom9BEqYC9WU4C4   Finally, here’s the great Cello concerto, with the late Jacqueline du Pré. Just listen to that astounding sound!!!   https://youtu.be/bIqj8dFK16E?list=PL4549E392FFD5F933   Tags: Antonin Dvorak, Piano concerto, violin concerto, Cello concerto, Romance in F minor, Mazurek for violin and orchestra, Op. 49