Ohlsson Plays Scriabin

  Alexander Scriabin:

  • The Complete Etudes.

Garrick Ohlsson is known by other pianists as “the pianist’s pianist”. His musical soul can identify with all composers, and his technique can handle the most challenging virtuoso playing to the most serenely simple melodic passage. These Etudes are challenging on many levels. The C# minor Etude is a study in legato playing – gliding from one note to the next with no breaks. It also presents counter melodies, as well as harmonies in the left hand, which present a challenge in how to balance these melodies. These melodies are gorgeous Russian sounds, ending in beautiful sadness. The D# minor Etude is quite different: It starts loud, with flying octaves, in triplet rhythm, in both hands with contrary motion. As the drama continues, the octaves become filled with massive chords – the difficulty is in controlling the dynamics, and saving the greatest climax for the massive complex end! Ohlsson does it all perfectly – you just sit back and say “WOW”!!! Here is Garrick Ohlsson talking about Scriabin: Playing starts at about minutes 6:00.   https://youtu.be/A4Uy4bM3eec   And next, here is Evgeny Kissin playing Scriabin’s Etude op. 42 no. 5   https://youtu.be/MG87B7nMiSo   Tags: Alexander Scriabin, Etudes for piano, Garrick Ohlsson