Pinchas Zukerman

  Zukerman Plays for Us. A few years ago, I traveled to New York City for the sole purpose of overdosing on Music. I had a wonderful time. On one occasion I attended an open rehearsal at the New York Philharmonic, and the violin soloist was Pinchas Zukerman. When the rehearsal was completed, I left the concert hall, and I suddenly saw Mr. Zukerman on his way out, too. I approached him, and I told him how much I enjoyed his playing. He agreed to give me his autograph on the concert program. As the years passed, I came to realize what a great teacher he is, as well. And his own playing has been maintained at a very high level. Here is an example of Mr. Zukerman as a teacher, as a thoughtful person, and as an artist: He talks about his instruments, the importance of teaching kids correctly in the early years, and his love for music shines through.     Tags: Pinchas Zukerman, violinist, teacher, soloist, musician