Astor Piazzólla

TangoAstor Piazzólla:

  • El Otro Astor
  • Music For Guitar And Strings

This fascinating disc contains lesser – known music by Astor Piazzolla, in arrangements for guitar, accordion, and string quartet, a formation with which Piazzolla himself performed many of his works. We get to enjoy the following: Piazzólla:

  • Cuarto Estaciones Porteñas
  • Tango Sensations (5) for bandoneón & string quartet, with Nadio Marenco (accordion)
  • Concerto for Bandoneon, Guitar & Orchestra ‘Hommage à Liege’, with Nadio Marenco (accordion)
  • Tanti anni prima (‘Ave Maria’)

Performed by Alessio Nebiolo (guitar), with the Quartett Orfeo. This music, vintage Piazzolla, breathes the pulse of Buenos Aires, the bohemian atmosphere, the yearning, the joy, the passion and the ever – present Tango melancholy. Included are The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, The Five Tango Sensations, the Concerto for Bandoneon, Guitar and Strings and the Ave Maria. Performed by virtuoso guitarist Alessio Nebiolo, winner of several international guitar competitions, the Quartett Orfeo, and Nadio Marenco, accordion.

Here is the Duo Nebiolo Marenco, playing the “Libertango” by Piazzolla:   


And next, here is the Piazzola Concerto for Bandoneon, Guitar and String Orchestra from this recording: