Michel Legrand Plays Satie

Erik Satie:

  • Works for Piano.

I have always enjoyed Michel Legrand as a musician. I love his improvisations, and his piano performances. Michel Legrand is a superb pianist who was trained at the Paris Conservatoire. He says: “When Erato asked me to record an hour’s worth of piano music by Erik Satie, I was very excited by the idea. I rushed out and bought all the scores I could, and I entered a world that I found altogether fascinating.” We get to hear the following pieces: Satie: Trois Gymnopédies Sonatine Bureaucratique Sports et Divertissements Préludes flasques (4), pour un chien 6 Pieces de la periode 1906-1913 2 reveries nocturnes Chapitres tournés en tous sens Caresse Avant Dernières Pensées (Idylle, Aubade, Méditation) Jack in the Box Performed by Michel Legrand (piano).

Here is the Gymnopédies – 3, Lent Et Grave, as wonderfully performed by Michel Legrand