Latin American Guitar

Latin American Guitar Masterpieces.

  • Played by Flavio Cucchi.

I experience Latin American music as having multiple strong emotions: Passion, excitement, sentimentality, sadness, and more. These emotions always fill our lives, so the music is right in step. On this recording we hear this music performed by Flavio Cucchi, guitar: Barrios Mangoré:

  • La Catedral
  • Choro da Saudade
  • Waltzes (4)
  • Julia florida


  • Quatro Valses Venezolanos
  • Carora
  • El Negrito
  • La gatica


  • Suite populaire brésilienne: 1. Mazurka-Chôrô
  • Suite populaire brésilienne: 2. Schottish-Chôro
  • Suite populaire brésilienne: 3. Valsa
  • Suite populaire brésilienne: 4. Gavota

Here is Flavio Cucchi playing “Sevilla” by Albeniz  


And next, here is Flavio Cucchi playing four Vals by Antonio Lauro:  

Finally, here is Flavio Cucchi, playing the “Capriccio Diabolico” by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco:  


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