Mutter’s Magic Fiddle

During the past several days, I have listened again to one of my favorite artists, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. Listen attentively, and you will be amazed at the way Ms. Mutter produces melodies that are warm, sensitive, full of color and deep feeling.


The composition I am listening to is Mozart’s late and sad sonata for violin and Piano in F-Major, K. 547. In the second movement, the structure is one of a theme and six variations.

The piano has a very prominent part, and during that time, Ms. Mutter produces lovely accompanying sounds. But when her turn arrives, I repeatedly get blown away by what emerges from her  wonderful Stradivari violin. See what I mean at the video below, at time 13:25

Please explore the video below; the second movement that is buzzing in my head all day begins around time 09:00.



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