New Site Launch

New Site Announcement

Dear friends…

As most of you know, I have been publishing a daily post on classical music for the past several years. The total number of posts now exceeds 2200!

At this log, I announce upcoming music events, I review concerts and recordings, I write about composers and performers, and more.

The site is located here:

The time has come to launch a new site, which has the following features:

– Easier to read and SHARE content

– Faster!

– Mobile – friendly for all mobile devices!

– Allows robust and powerful SEARCH

– Easy to dig into related content

Hurrrah and thanks to Victor Zaud for his fine site design, leadership, and creativity.

How might I celebrate this launch? Let’s listen to the Ode to Joy from the Symphony #9 by Beethoven, as sung by 10,000 adults and children!


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