Gil Shaham and Adele Anthony

If you have come to this site, chances are that you know that Gil Shaham is one of the world’s leading violinists. Perhaps you guess that Ms. Anthony is his piano accompanist? You’d be wrong…

Adele Anthony is originally from Australia, and she’s also a violinist. And… she’s Mr. Shaham’s wife… It seems that they have begun to give occasional concerts together, where they perform music for two violins and orchestra, such as the Bach Double Violin Concerto, and probably some works for two violins by Vivaldi and others.

In this recording we hear Mr. Shaham perform shorter, yet brilliantly lovely violin compositions.

Examples are: The Carmen Fantasy by Saint-Saens, several Spanish Dances by various composers and the well-known Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) by Pablo de Sarasate.

Four tracks of this 16-track recording are devoted to Ms. Anthony. While these are lighter, shorter pieces, it is wonderful to hear Mr. Shaham perform in his usual spirited and technically proficient way. He displays wonderful phrasing, perfect intonation, and great musical feeling.

Ms. Anthony’s performances are also quite satisfying, and she produces a lovely, warm violin tone and excellent technique in her playing. 


Here is Gil Shaham, performing the Zigeunerweisen earlier this year:


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