Schumann Quartet Plays Beethoven

Beethoven String Quartets

Ludwig van Beethoven composed music for string quartets throughout his life. The quartets that were designated by “Opus 18” actually number six different quartets that became highly successful. This group belongs to the so-called “early quartets”; and yes, there are others that stem from the so – called middle period, and yet more that are the so-called “Late quartets”.

The Schumann Quartet, consisting of the brothers Erik and Ken (Violins), and Mark (Cello) Schumann, as well as violist Ayako Goto, was formed in Cologne (Germany) in 2007. They are all students of the Cologne University of Music and Dance.

With great respect for the masters of the string quartet repertoire, and with a very dynamic style, the Schumann Quartet combines the classical tradition and innovation in a very appealing and highly musical way. 

Here is a promotion for this first CD by this group: The Schumann Quartet plays Beethoven / Bartok / Brahms (Comments in German), but just listen to this amazing music:  

And here is some more music by the Schumann Quartet: