Three Interpretations

Three interpretations of a masterpiece

The Adagietto movement of Mahler’s 5th symphony is certainly a masterpiece that is loved by Millions.

Let’s explore how three conductors interpret this music:

1. Herbert von Karajan

2.  Leonard Bernstein

3. Sir Simon Rattle

Take a look and listen to these three interpretations. Drop a comment at the comment box at the bottom of this post with your own opinion.

Here is Karajan’s way: Karajan – Mahler symphony no.5 (IV) – Adagietto. Sehr Langsam (VERY slowly)

And now, the way Bernstein did it:

Finally, here is Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra:

What’s my view? I like the Bernstein interpretation best. The reason is that I feel he’s more committed to the composer’s instructions. Mahler wrote the following instructions for this movement: “Adagietto. Sehr langsam” (VERY slowly).

And I feel that Bernstein’s adherence to a somewhat slower tempo than either Karajan or Sir Simon Rattle adds a lot to the drama of this movement. And your opinion? (Enter your comment below)

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